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Stephen Holden, The New York Times:

"Young, good-looking and very astute, Ms. Sheehan gives you hope."...

Elizabeth Ahlfors, Cabaret Scenes:

"This is someone cabaret aficionadoes should be proud to call their own"...

Alex Cohen, Woman Around Town

"Jennifer Sheehan has remarkable presence, flair, range, and talent. Engaging and genuine, she connects with her audience"...

Stephen Hanks, Broadway World

"To say that Jennifer Sheehan provided an enchanted Café Carlyle evening--and was herself enchanting--would be an understatement."...

Edna Landau, Former head of IMG Artists, Musical America Worldwide:

"The “je ne sais quoi” of Great Talent"...

Sandi Durell, Cabaret Scenes

"Bottom line – Jennifer Sheehan has got it!"...

Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles:

"In this, her Metropolitan Room debut, she easily takes command of the stage with her charm, grace, physicality and humor."...

Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz:

"Sheehan combined her marvelous voice, great dramatic sensibility and riveting stage presence to present a consistently entertaining and engrossing cabaret act thatreflected a naturalness and warmth that few performers achieve at such an early stage in their careers."...

Jenna Esposito, BroadwayWorld.com:

"A Juilliard-trained vocalist, Ms. Sheehan's powerful vocals were well-supported by excellent acting chops, to boot! Number after number was met with whoops and extended applause."...


Spend a Night in the Sensational ‘60s!

Stephen Holden, The New York Times:

"Drawing from a deep well of feeling, she interprets lyrics from the point of view of someone who knows who she is and conveys empathy in a voice that glows with insight."...

Kevin Scott Hall, Bistro Awards:

"It was simply one of those cabaret moments to be remembered for a lifetime."...

David Roberts and Joseph Verlezza, Theatre Reviews Limited:

"What is most remarkable and intriguing is the emotional translation given..to every facet of each genre. Her voice is pure and bold, trained and truthful."...

Will Friedwald, The Wall Street Journal:

"Exceptional" - Jennifer Sheehan: I Know a Place

Susan Hasho, Times Square Chronicles:

"Her insights into the music are fresh and beautifully performed. And her flare for movement adds punch and flirt in all the right places."...

Alix Cohen. Cabaret Scenes magazine:

"Known for lovely cabaret/theater vocals, Sheehan here showcases other skills as well. While show tunes and pop ballads are expectedly winning—“Moon River” accompanied only by acoustic guitar is gossamer—"...

Ron Forman, Broadway Showbiz:

"The sixties were a period where many different genres of music flourished and Ms. Sheehan handles rock, soft rock, Bossa Nova and sweet ballads beautifully"...

STARDUST: A Night in the Cosmos

“Enthralling is the word.”

Stephen Holden, The New York Times:

"If the quirky world of New York cabaret were a high school class, Jennifer Sheehan would qualify for valedictorian, prom queen and the person most likely to succeed."...

Ron Forman, Cabaret Scenes Magazine:

Sheehan has a beautiful sound that can reach operatic heights, but is still able to belt out “Space Oddity” and “Lost in the Stars.”...

Robert Windeler, Bistro Awards:

"Each number is carefully thought out, and fully realized.. This is, indeed "Stardust: A Night in the Cosmos."...

Kevin Scott Hall, EDGE New York:

"A hallmark of Sheehan's shows is the research she puts into them, and the knowledge she imparts among a cornucopia of songs brought to glorious lifethrough her warm, all-embracing vocal style, which has already earned her several prestigious awards and notices."...

Will Friedwald, Wall Street Journal:

"Compelling" - Jennifer Sheehan at 54 Below

Stephen Sorokoff, Times Square Chronicles

"Jennifer has one of the finest voices around and she is 'out of this world' in her show."...

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A highlight (of the 25th annual Cabaret Convention) was the presentation by Marcovicci of the Donald Smith Award to Jennifer Sheehan, an honor given in memory of the founder of the Mabel Mercer Foundation and a long-time force promoting cabaret. Sheehan demonstrated why she deserved the distinction by superbly performing “Here’s to Your Illusions” (Harburg and Sammy Fain) and “Look to the Rainbow.”

William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide

Jennifer Sheehan offers a rendition of “Look to the Rainbow” that would’ve made Lane himself sigh. The beautiful arrangement begins a capella, is then abetted by Jered Egan’s bowed bass, and finally supported by James Followell’s delicate, waltzy piano. Vocal building is held in check, mined instead for feeling. We tiptoe out to the strains of a music box. This is why we fell for Sheehan in the first place.

Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town

Sheehan got every nuance out of “Here’s To Your Illusions.” And, after receiving her award, sang an emotional, moving, with great lyrical impact “Look To The Rainbow.”

Joe Regan, Jr., Theater Pizzazz

The elegant Jennifer Sheehan (who was presented on this night with the Donald F.

Smith Award) delivered a radiant “Look to the Rainbow.” Mark Dundas Wood, Bistro Awards




“‘I'm Old Fashioned’ (Jerome Kern/Johnny Mercer) and ‘Long Ago and Far Away’ (Jerome Kern/Ira Gershwin) were made famous by Rita Hayworth. Seeing Jennifer Sheehan perform them with satiny legato and open-faced grace, one could easily imagine the artist as every soldier's dream of the girl next door. Consider doing a Hayworth show, Jennifer. (James Followell-piano.)”

Alix Cohen, Broadway World

“Standout performances included Jennifer Sheehan's luscious ‘I'm Old- Fashioned.’”

Robert Windeler, Bistro Awards


Jennifer Sheehan delivered a sweet but not saccharinely so rendition of

"So Many People", but it was her version of "Broadway Baby”— flirty, deliberate, and determined---that made her a standout in the evening (and possibly everybody's crush by the final note).

Ashley Steves, Broadway World

There were a couple of standouts in Act 1. A radiant Jennifer Sheehan framed her songs—”So Many People” and “Broadway Baby”—with genuinely charming remarks, and sang them with class and grace.

Mark Dundas Wood, Bistro Awards

Jennifer Sheehan, too much out of town of late, gives us a lovely

“So Many People” (Saturday Night) which travels directly from heart. Alix Cohen, TheaterPizzazz


Disarming Jennifer Sheehan glowed weaving “A Foggy Day (in London Town)” and “Love Walked In” together effectively.

Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes

It’s pleasing to see Jennifer Sheehan back on a New York stage. Charming versions of “A Foggy Day” and “Love Walked In” floated through with the lightness of milkweed pods on a breeze. Sheehan radiates warmth and now, womanliness.

Alex Cohen, Theater Pizzazz

“66TH & BROADWAY” Broadcast on WNET, WLIW and other PBS stations

66th & Broadway: Jennifer Sheehan on the Upper Westside

Additional Review Quotes

John Knowles, The Noël Coward Society News:

“Since I first saw her at last year’s convention Jennifer Sheehan has continued to impress. She has natural grace, an assured but gentle presence and she sure can sing- with a beauty that matches her charming persona- she will go far!”

Denis McKeown, Times Square Chronicles:

“Sheehan made us realize that Broadway stardom could be just around the corner for her with a Broadway musical. With a voice that has come of age, she is clearly on track to becoming a Broadway Baby in a musical comedy.

I would long to hear this leggy brunette sing the Ava Gardner song ‘Speak Low (When You Speak Love)’ from the great movie musical ‘One Touch of Venus‘ — or better yet, why not bring it to Broadway!”

Rob Lester, Talkin Broadway:

“Making an impressive and attractive appearance, one of the very youngest to have the cabaret torch passed to her and grabbing it securely, Jennifer Sheehan sang Susan Werner’s “I Can’t Be New”... Wanna bet?

Golden-throated Jennifer has made an impressive debut.”

Roy Sander, Bistro Awards:

“Her rendition of “If You Hadn’t But You Did” is one of the best I’ve heard, filled

with funny, beautifully considered line readings..." “Expressive and impressive.”

Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online:

“Ms. Sheehan’s powerful and exceptionally true vocals resulted in a remarkably

fresh and entertaining presentation.”

Chuck Lavazzi, KDHX (2007)

“Ms. Sheehan is clearly on track to be a major new player in the world of musical theatre in general and cabaret in particular. All the elements of a first-class cabaret act are there: an honest, unpretentious stage presence (and the resulting quick communication with the audience), a flexible, Julliard-trained voice, a smart choice of repertoire and a musical director -- James Followell -- who knows how to support and enhance a singer's performance. It's easy to see why she has already won awards from the Mabel Mercer Foundation and Glenn Miller Festival and is well on her way to making a name for herself in New York. The kid's got talent, and she's going to go far.”